Open House Cleaning Service

“Open your doors to a spotless clean home with our open house cleaning service!”

Open House Cleaning Services in Chicago has never been better

Open House Cleaning Services in Chicago has never been better with Amy’s Spotless Maids! We take pride in providing top-quality cleaning services  that exceed your expectations. Our Chicago Cleaners is dedicated to ensuring that your home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, using only the best products and techniques. We offer a wide range of Open house cleaning services, including deep cleaning, house cleaning, and more. No matter what your cleaning needs may be, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

In the real estate business, simple things such as having the property cleaned before open for viewing is very important. You only get one chance to make an impression. So when it comes to open house cleaning services, the details matter. It is more than just cleaning, it’s making sure that the house or apartment is picture perfect and spotless clean that potential buyers can envision themselves living there.

Amy’s Spotless Maids offers a comprehensive and detailed cleaning services perfect for when you are preparing for an open house cleaning. Whether you are a realtor, property manager or a homeowner who will be listing a property on the market, we can help you. We have a system in place and always check our work to make sure that the property lives up to the selling price. Contact us now and make the right decision and having your property ready for open house.

Hiring an Open House Cleaning Services in Chicago

Are you preparing for an open house event? If so, hiring professional cleaning services is a must. At Amy’s Spotless Maids, we understand the importance of making a good impression on potential buyers. That’s why we offer comprehensive open house cleaning services designed to leave your home looking its absolute best.

Our deep cleaning services will ensure that every inch of your home is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed, while our open house cleaning services will maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your home throughout the open house event.

With our help, you can be confident that your home will be in top condition for potential buyers to view. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards making a successful impression at your open house event.

How To Prepare For An Open House

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for an open house event:

Declutter and depersonalize your space: Remove any excess clutter and personal items from your home to create a clean, open, and inviting atmosphere.

Clean and tidy your home: Thoroughly clean and tidy your home, paying special attention to high-traffic areas and common spaces. Hiring a professional like Amy’s Spotless Maids and House Cleaning Services would do the job

Make necessary repairs and updates: Fix any broken or damaged items, and consider making small updates or improvements to enhance the appeal of your home.

Stage your home: Use furniture, decor, and other items to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere in each room of your home.

Create a welcoming entrance: Make sure your front entrance is clean, well-lit, and inviting to create a positive first impression.

Advertise your open house: Use various marketing channels, such as social media, real estate websites, and local listings, to let potential buyers know about your open house event.

Plan and coordinate the event: Determine the date, time, and other details of your open house event, and coordinate with any necessary parties, such as real estate agents and other professionals.

Greet and assist potential buyers: Be prepared to greet and assist potential buyers as they arrive at your open house, and provide them with any necessary information or materials.

Chicago Open House Cleaning Service

Our highly-skilled and experienced cleaning maids in Chicago are trusted by Realtors and property owners. Many cleaning companies in Chicago claim they are the best in the industry but fail to deliver their promise of providing exceptional cleaning service fit for open house showing. Amy’s Spotless Maids knows what to focus on to make the house look impeccable that potential buyers are compelled to put in an offer.

What does our open house cleaning service include?

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of conventional and microwave ovens.
  • Inside window cleaning and glass patio doors
  • All appliance external surfaces in the kitchen, including fridge, stove fan hoods and deep cleaning of stove top
  • Deep cleaning of floors and all bedrooms including baseboards

Cleaning Add-ons

Inside Oven

Inside Cabinets

Inside Fridge

Inside Washer/Dryer

Wash Dishes

Laundry (wash dry & fold)

Inside Closet

Wall Cleaning

Inside Windows

Doors, door frames, door knobs

Blinds Cleaning

Basement Cleaning (finished)

Basement Cleaning (unfinished)


Ceiling Fans